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List of largest banks in the United States

This is a list of the largest banks in the USA by total assets as of 2013.

Rank Bank name Location Total assets
(US$ Trillion)
1 JPMorgan Chase New York City, NY $2.6
2 Bank of America Charlotte, North Carolina $2.10
3 Citigroup New York City, NY $1.89
4 Wells Fargo San Francisco, California $1.69
5 The Bank of New York Mellon New York City, NY $0.374
6 U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis, Minnesota $0.364
7 HSBC Bank USA New York City, NY $0.321
8 PNC Financial Services Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $0.302
9 Capital One McLean, Virginia $0.297
10 State Street Corporation Boston, Massachusetts $0.243
11 TD Bank, N.A. Portland, Maine $0.204
12 BB&T Winston-Salem, North Carolina $0.183
13 SunTrust Banks Atlanta, Georgia $0.175
14 American Express New York City, NY $0.153
15 Ally Financial Detroit, Michigan $0.151


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